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In this interview, Jerry discusses (through interpreter Alexandra Bruce) the 1917 events in Fatima, Portugal with Dr. Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D’Armada who together have written a trilogy of books about the Fatima incident, its evolution as a factor in Catholic doctrine, and its parallels to UFO incidents reported throughout history.

Jerry asks the authors what first attracted them to the subject, how they were able to acquire their research information from Church authorities and whether any pressure had ever been brought upon them for uncovering what they have learned, particularly the “Third Secret.” Their immediate answer to the question was a resounding silence but a little later, they solemnly affirmed that the Vatican had not shown any special interest in them.

They discuss in considerable detail, the Jesuit characterization of the events and how that has controlled how the official Church has portrayed Fatima over the years and how that belies the UFO knowledge that the Jesuits have acquired.

The first two books, Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions and the UFO Phenomenon and Celestial Secrets: The Hidden History of the Fatima Cover-Up have been published. The third book, Fatima Revisited: The Apparition Phenomenon in Myth, Religion, and Science, will be published soon and may be pre-ordered now.

Our interpreter, Alexandra Bruce, translated book number two, Celestial Secrets for its English publication.



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